: Kurtz (C.)

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241pp., paperback, Texas, 2022


Sequel to Caroline Kurtz's memoir, A Road Called Down on Both Sides: Growing up in Ethiopia and America.

Caroline Kurtz worked with civil war refugees in Kenya and Sudan for the Presbyterian Church USA.

“Caroline Kurtz has a gift for weaving her personal life struggles with the threads of southern Sudanese life, where contestations produce resilience and pain meets joy. My African friends who read Today Is Tomorrow may wonder if such experiences of an American woman can be real. My American friends who read this may wonder if such experiences in Sudan can be anything but fiction. But knowing Caroline in America and working side-by-side with her in Sudan, I can say that the realities she describes with such sublime word pictures are all real. She is an artistic wordsmith, and it was my privilege to have her as my right arm at Wunlit where the people made their peace become real, mal mi chum-chum, sweet peace, for a time.” Bill Lowrey, Facilitator of Wunlit (South Sudan) People-to-People peace conference

Caroline Kurtz grew up in Ethiopia and later taught in Addis Ababa for six years. She lives in Portland, Oregon and travels regularly to Ethiopia, bringing solar power and economic development options to women in Maji.