: Hamilton (G.) & Huddart (D.) eds.

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243pp., paperback, Woodbridge & Rochester, 2016


"For anyone who still remains to be convinced about the importance of Mia Couto as an imperative 21st-century 'must read' author, this sophisticated but very readable volume will, surely, and definitively, do the trick." Hilary Owen, Professor of Portuguese and Luso-African Studies, University of Manchester

Contributions include:
"Mia Couto in Context" by David Brookshaw
"Mia Couto or the Art of Storytelling" by Patrick Chabal
"The Multiple Worlds of Mia Couto" by Bill Ashcroft
"'Ask Life', animism & the metaphysical detective" by David Huddart
"Mia Couto & translation" by Stefan Helgesson
"An Interview with Mia Couto", conducted by Grant Hamilton and David Huddart (translated from the Portuguese by David Brookshaw).

Grant Hamilton and David Huddart are both Associate Professors of English Literature at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.