: Nyathi (S.)

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470pp., paperback, Updated Edition, Johannesburg, (2020) 2022


Includes a new postscript.

Set in Bulawayo, about a close-knit, traditional family: Pastor Abraham and his wife Phumla, leaders of The Kingdom of God church, and their three daughters.

"Think of an African Jane Austen (the clue is in the novel's first sentence) writing a sexed-up depiction of the state of modern relationships. We're taken by hand through the causeways of our manners, mores and traditions: the origins and misuses of our cultural practices; the sometimes misguided appeal to myths, custom and religion to perpetuate things such as gender violence and the caste system; the lure of money and material wealth as weapons of predatory sexuality and toxic masculinity; the stubborn spirit of religious millennialism as the background of so much tragic African thinking, superstition and all. A Family Affair is a modern soapie with a southern African zeitgeist." Mphuthumi Ntabeni, author of Broken River Tent  

"Sue Nyathi is a powerful literary force. A Family Affair exquisitely captures the complexities of family, culture and the societal constructs that surround women. Eloquent, evocative and utterly engrossing." Desiree-Anne Martin, author of We Don’t Talk About It. Ever.

Investment analyst Sue Nyathi was born and raised in Bulawayo and lives in Johannesburg. She is the author of the novels, The Polygamist and The GoldDiggers.