A HISTORY OF NAMIBIA, from the beginning to 1990

: Wallace (M.) & Kinahan (J.)

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451 pp., maps, illus., paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (2011) 2016


First published in the UK in 2011.

"Perceptive, multi-layered and judicious, Marion Wallace's comprehensive 'History of Namibia' is a veritable 'tour de force'. Based on a deep knowledge of the exisiting historiography but also of the most recent research in Namibia itself, over two-thirds of the volume deals with the history of the region and its people since 1870 and ends with a deft summary of the period since independence. Yet Wallace - and the archaeologist, John Kinahan, who contributes the first chapter - are also to be congratulated on their decision to root this account in the far deeper history of south-west Africa. The volume will surely prove indispensable to anyone with an interest in Namibian, southern African and, indeed, African history more widely." Shula Marks, Emeritus Professor and Hon.Fellow, School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London

"A comprehensive history of Namibia which will be essential reading for anyone interested in moving beyond the shallow histories contained in tourist guides. This well-crafted, fair, insightful and sensitive volume will appeal not only to the general reader but will be compulsory reading for scholars as well. Wallace's book is destined to become an instant classic." Robert Gordon, Professor of Anthropology and African Studies, University of Vermont

"Marion Wallace achieves nothing less than the first modern general history of Namibia. Her erudite treatment of the various aspects of Namibian history, from the German colonial racial state and the first genocide of the twentieth century to the 'de facto' annexation by South Africa and the very late independence, will hugely benefit sholars and students of Namibia and southern African more generally." Jürgen Zimmerer, Professor of African History, University of Hamburg

Marion Wallace is African curator at the British Library and a historian of Namibia.
John Kinahan is an archaeologist based in Namibia.