A HOUSE DIVIDED, the feud that took Cape Town to the brink

: Olver (C.)

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307pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019


Against the backdrop of the 2018 water crisis in Cape Town author and academic Crispian Olver investigates how the city is run and uncovers back-stabbing, feuds and back-room deals. He examines the relationship between local politicians and property developers and dubious developments in the agriculturally sensitive area of Philippi, on the West Coast and along the Atlantic seaboard. He also looks into the in-fighting within the Democratic Alliance and the resignation of mayor Patricia De Lille.

Medical doctor Crispian Olver joined Nelson Mandela’s office in 1994 as Head of Planning for the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) and later served as Director-General of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. In 2015 he led an intervention into corruption in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro. His previous book, How to Steal a City, grew out of this epxerience.