A LIFE IN BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY, festschrift in honour of Allan Boesak

: Flaendorp (C.), Philander (N.) & van Huffel (M.) eds.

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246pp., paperback, Reprint, (Stellenbosch), (2016) 2019. 


Contributions include:
"The Role of Boesak in the Forming of the United Democratic Front" by Enrico G Pedro
"Reconstructing the Anti-apartheid Lived Narrative of a Liberation Theologian, Allan Boesak" by Gordon E Dames
"Allan Boesak: a contemplation of heroic figures" by Jonathan Jansen
"An Unsettling Story About Allan Boesak's Involvement in the Struggle Against Apartheid" by Mary Anne Plaatjies van Huffel
"Allan Boesak: an unsung hero of South Africa?" by Thias Kgatla
"Boesak: an African from the south - a tribute" by Matthew Esau.

Allan Aubrey Boesak is a South African Dutch Reformed Church cleric, anti-apartheid activist and politician. He was sentenced to prison for fraud in 1999 but was subsequently granted an official pardon and reinstated as a cleric in 2004.