A LIFE'S MOSAIC, the autobiography of Phyllis Ntantala

: Ntantala (P.)

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x + 236pp., illus., maps, paperback, edges slightly rubbed, Cape Town, 1992 


"This book is not a political thesis. But I have used the story of my life as a peg on which to hang life and events in South Africa and North America as I experienced them. We have here a huge canvas, depicting the mosaic that is South Africa, with all its colours, strong and subdued, its lines long and short, and the dots, large and small. In social life, it is people who make up that mosaic; it is they who make things happen. Their actions and interactions determine the course of events. At the very centre of all this are human relations, and to understand those human relations, we must meet real people, hear them speak, how they speak, and then we shall know why they speak the way they do". Phyllis Ntantala, taken from the preface.