A SCHOOL WHERE I BELONG, creating transformed and inclusive South African schools

: Wray (D.), Hellenberg (R.) & Jansen (J.)

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208pp., illus., paperback, DVD, Johannesburg, 2018


Introduction by Jonathan Jansen.

Focuses mainly on former Model-C and private schools where Dylan Wray and Roy Hellenberg interviewed teachers, principals and former learners about transformation and belonging. A selection of these interviews are included on the DVD. Also offers practical steps on how to strengthen the process of transforming a school.

"'A School Where I Belong' is a critical and timely intervention that should have a significant impact on the transformation of South African schools - not to just change or adapt, but to fundamentally embrace young people's humanity and to view diversity as a gift. This is a treasure." Max du Preez, journalist and author of "A Rumour of Spring"

Teacher, facilitator, materials developer and author Dylan Wray is co-founder and director of Shikaya, a non-profit that supports teachers and school leaders and is also co-founder of FutureProof Schools.
Roy Hellenberg has expertise in education in post-conflict societies and has worked for Shikaya and Facing History and Ourselves. He is also a co-founder of FutureProof Schools.
Jonathan Jansen is Distinguished Professor of Education at Stellenbosch University. For many years he was Vice Chancellor of the University of the Free State.