: Harding (A.)

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140pp., map, paperback, London, 2023


Andre harding's account of the battle for the small farming town Voznesensk in Ukraine in March 2022.

"... a riveting and vividly written account of how Voznesensk fought back against Russia’s war machine – and won ... This gripping story is the literary equivalent of a superb miniature painting. Each street-level detail illuminates a bigger truth: why Ukraine succeeded in resisting Russia’s shock and awe onslaught last year, and how Moscow’s brazen attempt to subjugate an independent nation failed ... Harding’s fine book points to why Ukraine has outperformed expectations in Washington and London, continues to fight on, and may just win this 21st-century David v Goliath struggle. Its people are indomitable and unyielding, brave and determined, savvy and funny when the chips are down. Unlike their hapless Russian counterparts, they know exactly why they are fighting." Luke Harding, The Guardian 

Andrew Harding has been a foreign correspondent for BBC News for three decades. His books include These are not gentle people, a true story and The Mayor of Mogadishu, a story of chaos and redemption in the ruins of Somalia.