: Palmer (R.) photo. & Davis (L.) & O'Toole (S.) text

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143pp., 4to., illus., paperback, Salzburg, 2021

Copies of the book will be for sale at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair from 18-20 February, and at the Norval Foundation launch on 20 February, and at the Mandela Gateway to Robben Island launch on 25 February.  All online orders placed before then will be sent out after these launches. 

 A STONE’S THROW comprises of 65 silver gelatin photographs made on Robben Island.

 All images were made while facing south so that aspects of the island are framed against the constant backdrop of Table Mountain. They are arranged in groups of eight, each suggesting a notional day that begins with an exposure made soon after sunrise and progresses to one made shortly before dusk.
Roger Palmer is an artist based in Glasgow. He has made several projects in South Africa, including PRECIOUS METALS (1986) which is in the collection of Iziko Museum. Palmer’s work has been widely exhibited. He has published numerous artist’s books, the most recent being SPOOR in 2019.
Lionel Davis is an artist, former political prisoner and Robben Island tour guide. Sean O’Toole is a writer and curator based in Cape Town.