A SURVEY OF SOUTH AFRICAN CRIME FICTION, critical analysis and publishing history

: Naidu (S.) & le Roux (E.)

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200pp., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2017


An overview of South African crime fiction that places the genre within its wider social and historical context. Includes a detailed bibliography of crime fiction since the 1890s.

"This survey is a milestone in the study of African crime fiction in general and of the South African variety in particular. Naidu and le Roux not only look at some of the usual suspects of literary investigations in the field - genre, gender and ideology - but also at ecocritical aspects, forgotten precursors, and the decisive role of publishing, along with the inception, packaging and censorship of such fiction. This book is a treasure trove for seasoned crime fiction sleuths and novice amateur detectives alike; it also includes a bibliography that will provide ample clues for further studies." Christine Matzke, co-editor of "Postcolonial Postmortems" and "Life is a Thriller"

Sam Naidu is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Rhodes University.
Elizabeth le Roux is Associate Professor and co-ordinator of Publishing Studies in the Department of Information at the University of Pretoria. She is also the author of "A Social History of the University Presses in Apartheid South Africa".