AFRICA AND THE TESTAMENT OF THE GODS, popular history of kingdoms, slavery and religions in Africa

: Mavimbela (V.)

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181pp., paperback, No Place, 2020


“This is the most unusual history of compares three religious systems: Christianity, Islam and indigenous Africa religions, in their influence on the history of the continent. Mavimbela seeks to demonstrate that all these religions are deeply rooted in the customs, practices and beliefs of the respective societies and that none are superior in their ability to explain the natural phenomena encountered by their adherents…this book is an extended expose of how a conquering power used either Christianity or Islam to establish subjugation over African people…The author hopes that by revisiting the painful detail of that history and its implications, African people might still locate the bearings that might lead them back to their full self-worth” Ben Turok, from his foreword

While in exile, Vusi Mavimbela trained in military and political science in Angola, Moscow, Havana and Berlin. Since returning to South Africa in 1990 he has served as political adviser in the office of deputy president Thabo Mbeki (1994-1999), as Director-general of the National Intelligence Agency (1999-2004), as Director-general in the first presidency of Jacob Zuma (2009-2010). and as South African ambassador in Egypt and Zimbabwe. He is the author of the memoir, Time Is Not the Measure, and a collection of poems, No Lullaby for my Country.