AFRICA SINCE DECOLONIZATION, the history and politics of a diverse continent

: Welz (M.)

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375pp., map, paperback, Cambridge, 2021


Originally published in 2020 in German as Afrika seit der Dekolonisation:  Geschichte und Politik eines kontinents.

"Martin Welz's book is like a mosaic: from up close you see all the details and differences, from geography and history to the defining personalities of the African countries once shaped by colonial despotism. When you have finished reading the book however, if you step back, you'll recognize the underlying connections and structures. Anyone who wants to understand the history and politics of Africa since decolonization and get to know this diverse continent should read this book." Horst Köhler, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany

"A compelling account of the history and politics of the world’s second largest continent during the half century since independence. African actors are front and central to this story - shapers as well as subjects of national and international politics. Welz asks the big questions and offers a big picture, while skirting simplistic generalizations. Essential reading for those who wish to understand the past in order to build a better future." Elizabeth Schmidt, Loyola University Maryland

Martin Welz is Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Hamburg. He is the author of Integrating Africa: Decolonization's legacies, sovereignty and the African Union (2012).