: Levasseur (V.)

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29 x 44cm, steel engraving, hand-coloured, light foxing to edges, Paris, 1845

Engraved by Laguillermie, illus. by Raimond Bonheur.


This map of Africa is set against a decorative landscape. The map is framed by depictions of land, fruit, foliage and animals. The bottom boarder includes three small inserts of fine steel engravings of Alexandria, Cairo, and Algiers. The left side of the map includes statistical information about the population of Africa. The shape of the map is accurate, the geographical detail is sparse considering its date. 

Victor Levasseur was a French geographer, he was based in Paris and produced an Atlas National des Départments et des Possessions de la France, published by Combette in 1845. 



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