AN/OTHER PASTORAL, with illustrations by Tebogo Cranwell and a foreword by Chris Abani

: Dema (T.)

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66pp., illus., paperback, No Place, 2022


"In riveting lines, Tjawangwa Dema shows that 'all nature speaks if we listen'. Her speakers both listen and see. Her steady gaze reveals an earth as layered with history as striations in rock. By the end, we may discover the shape of listening, the 'body, that  first country to which/ [we] belong.'" Gabeba Baderoon, poet and author of The History of Intimacy

Poet and educator Tjawangwa Dema's first collection, The Careless Seamstress, won the Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets. Formerly chairperson of the Writers' Association of Botswana, she is an Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Department of English at the University of Bristol.