APARTHEID, GUNS AND MONEY, a tale of profit

: van Vuuren (H.)

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611pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2017


Research by Michael Marchant, with Anine Kriegler and Murray Hunter.

“This important book seeks to uncover one of the key secrets of the last decades of the apartheid era, how the National Party government sought to defeat the international arms embargo. It serves as a timely reminder that the founding values of our new Constitution, that government be accountable, responsive and open, were a rejection of the clandestine and authoritarian apartheid government, and are key to building a democracy that serves the people.” Justice Kate O’Regan, former judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa

“By the time you get to the last page of Hennie van Vuuren's excellent new book, you will hopefully understand why South Africans have such little appetite for the past. For, as van Vuuren shows in this passionate and meticulously researched book, ours is an indigested and perhaps indigestible history; that is, we have yet to tuck into the history of endemic corruption and economic crimes at the heart of apartheid and its nonracial successor...In 'Apartheid Guns and Money', van Vuuren and his team of researchers have written a book that, in typical South African fashion, will make for both depressing and hopeful reading: depressing because of the brilliant ways in which the book lays bare the scope and scale of the economic crimes at the heart of apartheid (which van Vuuren rightly describes as a criminal economy); hopeful because, as van Vuuren shows so well, the struggle against corruption is indeed a human rights struggle and that, as we know from South Africa’s own history, can be won. But it must be fought for.” Jacob Dlamini, author of "Askari" and Asociate Professor of History, Princeton University

“In this brilliant, revelatory book van Vuuren forensically reveals the systemic corruption of apartheid and the collusion between the state, local and foreign businesses and government at its core. This dark chapter in our history is essential to understand and progress beyond the current spiral of corruption, collusion and state capture that bedevils our young democracy. It lays bare the roots of the criminality at the heart of our politics and business, explaining how events ranging from the arms deal, Marikana and the Gupta phenomenon are possible, perhaps even inevitable. It illustrates that corruption and deceit know no racial, ideological or national boundaries. It argues compellingly that in our fraught country, and world, democracy demands daily struggle. This is a crucial book at a vital time in our history. It is a must read!” Andrew Feinstein, former ANC MP and author of "The Shadow World"

"When secretive evil deeds are covered in darkness they prosper. From apartheid-era asset stripping they have probably mutated and continue to influence our democratic dispensation. This work shines a light, revealing many uncomfortable truths. It provides important lessons on unfinished business and the need for us now more than ever to find pathways to integrity. These are essential elements for achieving social justice. " Thuli Madonsela, former Public Protector

Hennie van Vuuren is an activist, writer and Director of Open Secrets, focusing on accountability for economic crimes and human rights violations.