ART IN DEVELOPMENT, a Nigerian perspective

: Okeke (U.)

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174pp., illus., hardback, Reprint, Bayreuth, (1982) 2019


A collection of articles, interviews, concept papers and other material from the late 1950s to the 1980s by Nigerian artist and intellectual Uche Okeke.

Uche Okeke (1933-2016) was the founding father of Nigerian Modernism. He was a member of the Zaria Art Society and the Mbari Club for artists and writers and, as acting head of Fine Arts Department at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka from 1971 to 1985, was responsible for transforming their curriculum so that it focused more on African indigenous art and design. He was the Director of the Institute of African Studies at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka, a visiting Professor to the Department of Creative Arts at the University of Fort Harcourt and Honorary Deputy Director-General (Africa) of the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge. He founded the Asele Institute in Nimo, which houses a collection of artifacts, objects and artwork Okeke acquired during his travels across Nigeria.