BAILIE'S PARTY, The Old World, 1757-1819/ The New Land, 1820-1834/ The Frontiers, 1834-1852, based on the original research of M.D. Nash

: Schoeman (K.)

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431 + 651 + 585pp., 3 vols., b/w & colour illus., hardbacks, d.w., Pretoria, 2019


A biography of John Bailie based on the extensive research of Mrs M.D. Nash, an authority on the British Settlers. In 1820 Bailie, a member of an Anglo-Irish landowning family and former lieutenant in the Royal Navy, led a party of British immigrants to South Africa as part of the group later known as the 1820 Settlers. Later Bailie became extensively involved in the affairs of the Eastern Cape, the Transorange and the colony of Natal.

Volume one, The Old World, 1757-1819 attempts to trace the European background of Bailie and members of the settler groups, and to understand the cultural heritage they brought with them to South Africa.
Volume two, The New Land, 1820-1834 focuses on how the settlers adjusted to their new environment.
Volume three, The Frontiers, 1834-1852, examines the contribution the settlers made to the development of colonial South Africa.

South African novelist, historian, translator Karel Schoeman (1939-2017) write more than 19 novels as well as many historical and autobiographical works, including Die Dood van 'n Engelsman: die Cox-moorde van 1856 en die vroeë jare van die Oranje-VrystaatThe Griqua Captaincy of Philippolis, 1826-1861 and Olive Schreiner: 'n lewe in Suid-Afrika, 1855-1881.

M.D. Nash is the author of Bailie's Party of 1820 Settlers, a collective experience in emigration and The Settler Handbook: a new list of the 1820 settlers.