"BANTUS", the untold history of Africa and her people from creation

: Dube (T.)

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386pp., illus., maps, paperback, No Place, 2021


"This Synoptic History of Africa from Creation to date, decodes the Dominions' Denials, Silences and outright Erasures of Africans from their Continent ... The Book Challenges the Bantuist Migratory Theory, Interrogates the Name of the Continent, Exposes Its People and their Contributions to Civilisation by unveiling the various personalities of Ancient Africa, Iberia, Israel and Arabia at large, as well as the Relationship of these Nations with each other and how they have contributed to Today's African People.The Book further Narrates African Culture, Philosophy and ubuNtu Belief System. Colonialism, its drivers, impact and Legacy on Africa is discussed and South African History is narrated more comprehensively from the 1600s as an example of the evolution of Countries in Africa secondary to this Imperialism." from the back cover

Medical doctor Takalani Dube is Mukololo wa Luvhalani (a Descendant of the Luvhalani Royal Household), one of the first Nations of Southern Africa, whose Royal Citadel was Mapungubwe."