: Manganyi (N.)

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156pp., paperback, New Edition, Johannesburg, (1973) 2019


Essays, written by clinical psychologist N. Chabani Manganyi in 1973, on what it meant to be black during the apartheid years. This new edition includes a foreword by Garth Stevens, an afterword by Njabulo Ndebele, and notes by Grahame Hayes

"This timely re-publication and thoughtful re-framing of Being-Black-in-the-World is a gift. It honours Chabani Manganyi’s seminal and historic contribution to understanding blackness as embodied and socially embedded, and to thinking about Black Consciousness as a politics of solidarity. It invites intergenerational conversations toward a decolonised world and pays homage to South Africa’s contribution to black radical thought. This text is a must-read." Zimitri Erasmus, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, University of the Witwatersrand and author of Race Otherwise: forging a new humanism for South Africa