BETWEEN WORLDS, German missionaries and the transition from mission to Bantu Education in South Africa

: Chisholm (B.)

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265pp., illus., maps, paperback, Johannesburg, 2017


"Chisholm's account of the long history of the Hermannsburg Mission and what became of its schools is an extraordinarily valuable contribution ... The work is meticulously researched and conveys the rich, often tragic, texture of individual lives and the drama of moments of intense conflict." Jonathan Hislop, College University and University of Pretoria

"Drawing on extensive archival research, this history of the largely ignored Hermannsburg Mission reveals the ambiguities and contradictions that marked its complex relationships with local communities and the colonial and apartheid state." Volker Wedekind, School of Education, University of Nottingham

Linda Chisholm is a Professor in the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation at the University of Johannesburg. Her books on education include Changing Class: Education and social change in post-apartheid South Africa (2004).