BIKO, philosophy, identity and liberation

: More (M.)

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306pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017


"'Biko: philosophy, identity and liberation' is a book of weight and consequence. Biko's rebellion, an intervention into being, is shown to have been philosophically informed and an event with enduring philosophical consequences. This book, written in sustained fidelity to human freedom, is a major contribution to South African philosophy and our understanding of the drama of oppression and resistance. It will be read, taught and discussed, here and abroad, for many years to come." Richard Pithouse, author of "Writing the Decline"

"Mabogo More has added a much needed intellectual substance to the many volumes of work on Steve Biko and Black Consciousness in South Africa. He writes out of political and philosophical conviction because he has first-hand knowledge of the emergence and development of Black Consciousness...With the renewed struggles for decoloniality on our campuses, and African thought and ideas, this is an essential text for every student and activist, and required reading at our universities." N. Barney Pityana, Professor Emeritus of Law (UNISA)and Honorary Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, Rhodes University

Mabogo Percy More is currently Professor of Philosophy at the University of Limpopo.