BITTERKOMIX 18, opgedra aan Ryk Hattingh

: Kannemeyer (A.) & Botes (C.) text & illus.

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119pp., 4to., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2020


Includes "The Trouble with my Work" and "As I Please: a personal reflection on censorship" by Anton Kannemeyer and texts by Catherine du Toit, Ingrid Caradoc-Davies and Ryk Hattingh. Also includes a selection of instagram messages criticising and supporting Kannemeyer and Botes' work. Text in English and Afrikaans

Anton Kannemeyer AKA Joe Dog and Conrad Botes AKA Konradski founded Bitterkomix in 1992. Their books include the anthology The Best of Bitterkomix vol. 1, The Best of Bitterkomix vol. 2 and The Big Bad Bitterkomix Handbook, as well as The Erotic Drawings of Anton Kannemeyer and The Erotic Drawings of Conrad Botes.