BLACK AND BLUR, consent not to be a single being, Vol. 1

: Moten (F.)

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339pp., paperback, Durham, 2017

A collection of interrelated essays on the place and power of blackness in African diaspora arts, politics and life.

"Black and Blur reads like a series of jam sessions organized and anchored by a single performer ... A nimble, eloquent, oddly moving study of a question like this: what is 'outsider' art outside of, and what is at stake, what gets lost, in thinking of it as outside?" Paul C. Taylor, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

"In this profound work, Fred Moten makes a sustained and thrilling attempt to think philosophy and music together, which is also to think philosophy as music, which is also necessarily to think music as philosophy. In its capaciousness and in its persistent, challenging, dazzling intelligence, Black and Blur is a book that is worthy of the reputation and influence of its author. Its publication is a major event ...Taken as a trilogy, consent not to be a single being is a monumental accomplishment: a brilliant theoretical intervention that might be best described as a powerful case for blackness as a category of analysis." Brent Hayes Edwards, author of Epistrophies: Jazz and the Literary Imagination
Fred Moten is Professor of Performance Studies at New York University and the author of B Jenkins, In the Break: the aesthetics of the Black radical tradition, The Universal Machine and Stolen Life.