BLACK GHOST OF EMPIRE, the long death of slavery and the failure of emancipation

: Manjapra (K.)

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240pp., illus., maps, paperback, Reprint, London, (2022) 2023


“Brilliant, bold, and wise, Black Ghost of Empire is a groundbreaking intervention on the long history of global Black reparations for racial slavery. Spanning emancipationist histories in North America, Africa, the Caribbean, and South Asia, historian Kris Manjapra offers a tour de force about the international and local implications of racial slavery’s afterlife. With careful attention to the way in which a global Black emancipationist project has offered humanity a way out of the dead end of white supremacist history and politics, Black Ghost of Empire is an essential global history of the deep roots behind our contemporary racial and political reckoning.” Dr. Peniel E. Joseph, author of The Sword and The Shield

“Kris Manjapra's Black Ghost of Empire illuminates the global systems of coloniality and the persistence of colonial empires' logics as they animate our present. At the crux of Manjapra’s sedulous accounting is Black peoples’ always present radical confrontations with enslavement and provisional freedom. Also detailed are the juridical and narrative modes used by white supremacist states to delay, to alter, to get around demands for full reparation and accountability. Then and Now.”Dionne Brand, author of A Map to a Door of No Return
Kris Manjapra was born in the Caribbean of mixed African and Indian parentage. He grew up in Canada, studied at Harvard, and has lived in the USA ever since. He is Professor of History at Tufts University, a recipient of the 2015 Emerging Scholar Award by Diverse magazine, and has held fellowships at the Berlin Institute for Advanced Study, at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and at UCLA. His books include Colonialism in Global Perspective and M.N. Roy: Cosmopolitanism and Colonial Marxism.