BODIES OF KNOWLEDGE, children and childhoods in health and affliction

: Prah (E.) & Levine (S.) eds.

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267pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Stellenbosch, 2021


Contributions include:

"Life in the Oncology Ward: children's experiences of cancer treatment" by Rosemary Blake

"Belonging somewhere safe: Children reflect on violence in Symphony Way temporary relocation area in Cape Town, South Africa" by Efua Prah

"Invisible Harms: Humans as waste, toxic layering, and childhood poisoning in Cape Town, South Africa" by Susan Levine, Hanna-Andrea Rother & Alison Swartz

"Managing Vulnerability and Change Through amaKhosi Spirit Possession" by Stephen Pentz

"'Making a plan to keep my baby': Navigating maternal health policy among South Africa mineworkers" by Mutsawashe Mutendi.

Susan Levine is Professor and Head of Anthropology at the University of Cape Town. She is the author of Children of a Bitter Harvest and editor of Medicine and the Politics of knowledge and At the Foot of the Volcano: Reflections on teaching at a South African University.

Efua Prah currently works in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Stellenbosch. She is co-founder and owner of the film company BlueFootPrint Productions, where she works as a videographer making documentary films.