BORN A CRIME, and other stories

: Noah (T.)

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342pp., paperback, Johannesburg (2016) 2023


First published in the USA in 2016.

A collection of 18 autobiographical essays by South African comedian Trevor Noah, currently host of the American television series, The Daily Show.

"As much as 'Born a Crime' is about Trevor, you can't help but see yourself in the stories he tells. In many ways, he is all of us. When Trevor writes about his mother, I feel like he is writing about mine. He was born in the tragedy and comedy that was apartheid South Africa and he recounts his experiences with compassion and humour. He validates my view: although we all seem ordinary, we all have extraordinary stories to tell - and to live." Khaya Dlange, author of "To Quote Myself"

"'Born a Crime' stikes the perfect balance of humour and seriousness. It is wild and calming; it makes you want to sit and reflect silently, and also to pick up the phone to question loved ones. It is both Xhosa and Swiss - the two forces that created this crime. Bravo Trevor! This book gave me all the answers about you to questions I never knew I had." Anele Mdoda, South Africa radio DJ