: Trantraal (N.)

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75 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013


A debut collection of poems about life on the Cape Flats, written in the Kaaps dialect, by Nathan Trantraal.

"'n Bundel om sidderend van regop te sit! Wat op hierdie bladsye staan het niemand nog ooit in Afrikaans gelees nie." Antjie Krog

"Skokkend, skreeusnaaks en ontroerend. Jy will nóg lees, en wéér lees." Alfred Schaffer

Nathan Trantraal was born in 1983 in Cape Town. In 2003, he and his brother André published their first comic strip, "Urban Tribe", for the Cape Argus. They have published the graphic novel, "Stormkaap, drome kom altyd andersom uit" and the township comic, "Coloureds". Nathan draws the weekly comic strip, "The Richenbaums", for the Cape Times.