CHOOSE LIFE, celebrations for Lent

: Chivers (C.)

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214pp., paperback, Delhi, 2023


"In this book, Chris Chivers shares with us the lives of many of the friends and companions he has met along the Way of Jesus. He opens his eyes to gaze at the ordinary people he has loved and befriended as he continually seeks to figure out what it means for him to be a disciple of Jesus. Seeing the church, and these ordinary, struggling, broken, and beautiful people through Chris' loving eyes helps me to see, or rather to feel, what we all must look like to God. I think you will recognize the people here. Perhaps you don't know them specifically, but you have met them, or people very like them on your own journey." Bishop Michael Hunn, The Diocese of the Rio Grande

Anglican priest Chris Chivers is a Companion of the Melanesian Brotherhood, and teaches religion and philosophy at UCK Academy, London. From 1999 to 2001 he was Canon Precentor at St George's Cathedral, Cape Town.