: MacMillan (H.)

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152pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (2014) 2021


Concise biography of Chris Hani, Chief of Staff of MK and General Secretary of the SACP. He was assassinated in April 1993. 

“Hugh Macmillan’s astute scholarship, literary skill, and close proximity to the legendary Chris Hani combine to make this book an engrossing portrayal of South Africa’s iconic guerrilla commander and communist leader. I read it at one unputdownable session and, as much as I intimately knew Chris Hani, learnt much from, and enjoyed, the author’s unique insight.” Ronnie Kasrils, antiapartheid struggle veteran, former South African MP and author of Armed and Dangerous

“Macmillan’s short biography of SACP general secretary and ANC/MK leader Chris Hani is both accessible and academically rigorous, providing the best available introduction to Hani’s life, leadership style, political vision, and human qualities which make him one of South Africa’s liberation struggle most beloved figures.” Arianna Lissoni, historian and researcher, Wits History Workshop

Historian Hugh Macmillan has taught at universities in Zambia, South Africa, and Eswatini. He is a research associate at the African Studies Centre, Oxford University, and the author of Oliver Tambo and The Lusaka Years, the ANC in exile in Zambia, 1963-1994.