CLAIM TO THE COUNTRY, the archive of Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek,

: Skotnes (P.)

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Including the complete |xam and !kun texts given by |a !kunta, ||kabbo, =kasin, Dia !kwain, !kweiten ta ||ken and !han=kass'o; also the boys |uma, Tamme, !nanni and Da, along with their watercolours and drawings, never before published in their entirety, with selected photographs, documents, letters and notes including contributions from Jemima Bleek and Dorothea Bleek, and contributions from John Parkington, Nigel Penn, John Wright, Anthony Traill, Anne Solomon, Roger Hewitt, Stephen Watson, David Lewis-Williams, Pippa Skotnes, and Eustacia Riley


388pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., DVD., hardback, d.w. spine faded, Johannesburg & Ohio, 2007