COMMANDO, of horses and men, a Boer journal of the Boer War and the aftermath of war

: Reitz (D.)

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179pp., maps, paperback, Reprint, Edinburgh, (1929) 2019


A revised edition of the first volume of the autobiography by Boer Commando, South African soldier, lawyer and politician Deneys Reitz (1882-1944).

Includes the original preface by Jan Smuts.

"More copies sold than all other books on the Anglo-Boer War combined." Thomas Pakenham

This edition also contains the author's account of his exile after the Anglo-Boer War, previously published as the first two chapters in "Trekking On", the second volume of Reitz's autobiography.

The other two volumes, No Outspan and Trekking On, in the company of brave men are also available.