CONTESTED BODIES, or Doctor James Barry, Lord Charles Somerset, and I, an outrage for the stage

: Abrahamse (F.) & Meyer (M.)

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74pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town 2023


Lord Charles Somerset, Doctor James Barry and his manservant enact a lewd play written by the Marquis de Sade as part of their evening's entertainment at the Governor's residence in the Cape Colony.

Director and Designer Fred Abrahamse's awards include the Fleur de Cap Best Director for District  - The Musical and Beautiful Things; Vita Awards for Best Director for The Galls Menagerie, Beautiful Things and Shopping and F*cking, and Fleur de Cap Best set Design for Assassins, Kingdomm of Earth and The Lady Aoi.

Actor and designer Marcel Meyer's awards include the Fleur de Cap Best Costume Design for Richard III and Set and Costume awards for The Lady Aoi, and a  Naledi award for Best Costume Design for Macbeth.