: Hollman (J.) ed.

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578pp., 4to., maps, hardback, Second Edition, Johannesburg, (2004) 2022


Recorded by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd between 1870 and 1880. First published in nine parts in the journal "Bantu Studies" between 1931 and 1936. Republished in 2004 edited by Jeremy Hollmann. This revised and updated edition includes a new foreword by David Lewis-Williams, new scholarship on the Bleek and Lloyd archive, and restores previously omitted material


"Jeremy Hollmann shows how Dorothea Bleek amended and shaped the |xam texts collected by her father Wilhelm Bleek and aunt Lucy Lloyd to make them more accessible to a contemporary readership. It is a book in which we are presented with the remarkable ideas of |xam people offering valuable points of access, and commentary that enriches our understanding of both |xam intellectual traditions and the challenges of their publication." Pippa Skotnes, Centre for Curating the Archive, Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT

"Jeremy Hollmann’s sensitive and meticulous re-presentation of Dorothea Bleek’s contributions to Bantu Studies during the 1930s fulfills a crucial aim of her life’s work: to make the intellectual labours of her father and aunt accessible to a wide audience. This volume offers an indispensable reference for scholars of the |xam and their lifeworlds to draw on for decades to come." Jill Weintroub, Honorary Research Fellow, Origins Centre, University of the Witwatersrand

Jeremy Hollmann is an honorary research associate at the Rock Art Research Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand.