DEAD AID, why aid is not working and how there is another way for Africa

: Moyo (D.)

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188pp., paperback, London, (2009) 2010


Dambisa Moyo analyses the history of economic development in Africa over the last fifty years and shows how aid "crowds out financial and social capital and feeds corruption".

"Dambisa Moyo makes a compelling case for a new approach in Africa. Her message is that 'Africa's time is now'. It is time for Africans to assume full control over their economic and political destiny. Africans should grasp the many means and opportunities available to them for improving the quality of life." Kofi Annan

Dambisa Moyo holds a Masters from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and a PhD in Economics fom Oxford University. She has worked as a consultant for the World Bank and at Goldman Sachs.