: Rodney-Gumede (Y.) et al eds.

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271pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2021


Contributions include:

"The decolonial problematic in journalism ethics" by Phillip Santos and Admire Mare

"Birthed in the west: Complexities of redefining journalism curricula in South African universities" by Evelyn Dube

"Towards a research agenda for African media and communication studies: Pathfinders must first know where they are" by Colin Chasi and Ylva Rodny-Gumede

"A very long erratum note: The corrective role of the South African media as a form of transitional justice" by Mia Swart

"A decolonial analysis of the cyberbullying of South African women journalists" by Glenda Daniels

"Not clowns but capable agents: Tapping into subaltern theory to centralise the marginalised" by Mvuzo Ponono and Anthea Garman

"Developing a new national narrative for South Africa" by Zubeida Jaffer and Shepherd Mpofu. 

 Ylva Rodny-Gumede is Head of Internationalisation and Professor in the Department of Journalism, Film and Television at the University of Johannesburg.

Colin Chasi is Professor in the Department of Communication Science at the University of the Free State.

Zubeida Jaffer is a research fellow at the University of the Free State.

Mvuzo Ponono lectures in the Department of Communication Science at the University of the Free State.