DEMOCRACY AND THE DISCOURSE ON RELEVANCE, within the academic profession at Makerere University

: Felde (A.), Halvorsen (T.), Myrtveit (A.) & Øygard(R.)

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322pp., paperback, Somerset West, 2021


The authors on how neoliberal ideas and reforms introduced since the 1980s have contributed to the dissolution of Uganda's academic culture by devaluing academic knowledge and reorienting universities and academics towards economic development, privatisation, recognition and status. Based on interviews with more than 90 academics at Makerere University, from deans to doctoral students.

Andrea Felde and Reidar Øygard are PhD candidates in political science in the Department of Administration and Organisation Theory at the University of Bergen in Norway.

Tor Halvorsen is Associate Professor at the University of Bergen and Extraordinary Professor at the University of the Western Cape.

Ama Myrtveit is a Higher Executive Officer at Norad.