EK IS HENDRIK WITBOOI, uit die Nederlands vertaal deur Zandra Bezuidenhout

: Braam (C.)

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391pp., map, paperback, First SA Edition, Pretoria, 2019


First published in 2016 in the Netherlands as Ik ben Hendrik Witbooi.

A novel based on the life of Hendrik Witbooi (1830-1905). It focuses on the period from 1884, when Witbooi moved to northern South West Africa (present-day Namibia) with a faction of the ǀKhowesin tribe, to the 1904 uprising against German colonial rule. Braam draws on the many letters Witbooi wrote to German governors, English magistrates and African leaders.

Conny Braam was co-founder and President of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the Netherlands. She is the author of Operation Vula and the memoir Mandela on the Fridge, in which she reflects on her role as an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa.