ETHICS, POLITICS, INEQUALITY: new directions, state of the nation

: Bohler-Muller (N.), Soudien (C.) & Reddy (V.) eds.

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430pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2021


Contributions include:

"An ethico-political approach to poverty and inequality: embodying care and corporeal citizenship" by Narnia Bohler-Muller, Crain Soudien and Vasu Reddy

"Thinking ethically about women, power and land in South Africa" by Narnia Bohler-Muller, Karabo Magagane and Nokuthula Olorunju

"Presidential leadership and accountability from Mandela to Ramaphosa" by Richard Calland and Mabel Nederlof Sithole

"South African food politics: human rights, security and sovereignty" by Patrick Bond, Thobekile Zikhali and Edward Thabani Mdlongwa

"Anti-immigrant violence as social group control vigilantism? Understanding attitudes, behaviours and solutions" by Steven L. Gordon, Marie Wentzel and Johan Viljoen

"Cultures of sexualities and gender in Afrika’s changing nation" by Zethu Matebeni.

Narnia Bohler-Muller is Divisional Executive of the Developmental, Capable and Ethical State research programme at the Human Sciences Research Council, Adjunct Professor of the Nelson R Mandela School of Law, University of Fort Hare, and a Research Fellow with the Centre for Gender and Africa Studies, University of Free State. 

Professor Crain Soudien is the Chief Executive Officer of the Human Sciences Research Council.

Vasu Reddy is Professor of Sociology and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Pretoria.