FROM MAN TO MAN, or Perhaps Only, edited by Dorothy Driver

: Schreiner (O.)

R 490.00
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480pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015


This novel by Olive Schreiner, written and rewritten over many years, remained unfinished on her death in 1920. Her husband published it in 1926, adding a summary of the ending in the form he said Olive Schreiner had recounted to him. This new edition, edited by Dorothy Driver, corrects the editorial and proof-reading errors of previous editions and provides another ending, in Olive Schreiner's own words, as told in a letter to a friend.

This edition also includes a new introduction by Dorothy Driver, the alternative endings, annotations, and extracts from Olive Schreiner's letters and journals. It also includes a timeline of the genesis and composition of the novel, starting in 1873.

"We inhabit a national and international present in which Schreiner's deep and nuanced thinking on gender relations, colonial capitalism, and social change remains extremely pertinent...[This] is without a doubt one of the most significant works of the South African literary heritage." Professor Meg Samuelson, Department of English, University of Cape Town

Dorothy Driver is Professor of English at Adelaide University, Australia. Until 2005 she held a professorship in the English Department at the University of Cape Town, where she is now Emeritus Professor.