FROM SERVANTS TO WORKERS, South African domestic workers and the democratic state

: Ally (S.)

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228pp., paperback, First SA EditionPietermaritzburg, 2010


First published in the USA in 2009.

"From Servants to Workers is a book of heartfelt ironies, as Ally systematically reveals how policy intended to help domestic workers in post-apartheid South Africa ended up stagnating their integration into the new democracy ...Kelly Pike, Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal

"From Servants to Workers is a readable and engaging volume containing multiple strong voices of women informants and union activists. Shireen Ally describes the measures that the post-apartheid South African state has taken to professionalize and formalize domestic service. Ally's trenchant analysis examines nation-building and the role of the state in crafting concepts of women's empowerment (or lack thereof) through wage labor and legal protections. This is a must-read book for feminist scholars interested in gender, social change, and the state." Michele Ruth Gamburd, Portland State University, author of The Kitchen Spoon's Handle: Transnationalism and Sri Lanka's migrant housemaids

Shireen Ally teaches in the Department of Sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand.