FROM THE SPICE ISLANDS TO CAPE TOWN, the life and times of Tuan Guru

: Morton (S.)

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169pp., colour illus., paperback, (Cape Town), 2018.


Tuan Guru, or Imam 'Abdullah bin Qadi 'Abd al-Salam, was born in 1712. He was exiled by the Dutch East India Company from the Malaccas, the Spice Islands, in Indonesia, to the Cape in 1780 and imprisoned twice on Robben Island, 1780-81 and 1785-91. On his release he lived in Cape Town where he established the first Islamic religious school in the country. He died in 1807 and is buried at Tana Baru. 

Shafiq Morton is a photojournalist, editor and radio and TV presenter. Currently he presents the current affairs Drivetime show at Voice of the Cape. In 2008 he won the National Vodacom Award for community media.