FUTURE PURPOSE, a unique and personal guide to building your C-Suite career

: van Melle Kamp (C.)

R 350.00
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234pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2023


"This book draws on a lifetime of experience in diplomacy, business education, and the corporate world. It presents a practical model which gives readers a way to organise their thoughts and to focus on the key elements for leading a purpose-driven life. The five-dimensional framework deals with issues such as building capability, dealing with context, managing the stages of a career, and clarifying one’s purpose. It is highly recommended for managers and executives as they navigate their personal and professional journeys" Professor Karl Hofmeyr, Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Chris van Melle Kamp is the founder and CEO of Future Purpose which offers the Five Dimensions of Influence programme. He was a Global Partner at executive search firm Spencer Stuart, a founding director of the Gordon Institute of Business Science, and spent 18 years working as a diplomat .