FUTURE TENSE, reflections on my troubled land

: Leon (T.)

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301pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2021


Tony Leon on recent South African history and the country's future prospects.

"Even his political opponents must confront Tony Leon's jarring questions about whether South Africa can be rescued from corruption, cronyism and continued decline." Peter Hain, anti-apartheid campaigner and author of Outside In

"From the vantage point of years in active politics, Tony Leon provides a lucid analytical balance sheet of SA Ltd 2021. Eshewing political correctness, Leon tells it as he sees it." Judge Dennis Davis

Former leader of the Democratic Alliance, the Official Opposition in South Africa's Parliament, Tony Leon was an MP for 20 years. Later he served as South African Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Currently he is Chairman of Resolve Communications and lives in Cape Town. His books include On the Contrary, leading the opposition in a democratic South Africa; The Accidental Ambassador: from Parliament to Patagonia and Opposite Mandela; encounters with South Africa's Icon.