: Kayode (F.)

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380pp., paperback, London, 2023


Thriller set in Lagos, Nigeria.

Bishop Jeremiah Dawodu, pastor of a Nigerian megachurch, has been arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. The Bishop maintains his innocence and investigative psychologist Philip Taiwo is asked by his sister, a member of the church's congregation, to clear the pastor's name.

"What a triumph Gaslight is ... a brilliant, uncompromising story rich with humanity and intrigue" Janice Hallett, author of The Appeal

"...  if this crime took place in the United States, the story would most likely follow the structure of a classic police procedural. But Kayode refracts those tropes through what actually ails Nigeria: rampant corruption, cavalier record-keeping and a sense that justice can never be achieved. Taiwo must struggle through murky depths to arrive at a truth that will please no one." Sarah Weinman, New York Times Book Review

Femi Kayode trained as a clinical psychologist at the University of Ibadan. He was a Packard Fellow in Film and Media at the University of Southern California and a Gates-Packard Fellow in International Health at the University of Washington, Seattle. He lives in Namibia and is the author of Lightseekers.