: van Heerden (E.)

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401pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2023


Magistrate Imker Goedeman is in Gebeente, a small town on the Forgotten Highway north of Sutherland where there has been a sensational farm murder. But there's an even more complex case to investigate: the theft of the Milky Way.

Etienne van Heerden is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cape Town and the founding editor of LitNet. His other novels include Die Biblioteek aan die Einde van die Wêreld (UJ Prize), Toorberg (WA Hofmeyr Award, ATKV Prize, CNA Literary Award, Hertzog Prize), Die Swye van Mario Salviati (M-Net Literary Award), Casspirs en Campari’s (Rapport Prize), In Stede van die Liefde (WA Hofmeyr Prize, ATKV Prize), 30 Nagte in Amsterdam (M-Net Literary Award, WA Hofmeyr Award, UJ Prize, Hertzog Prize) and Die Wêreld van Charlie Oeng (ATKV Prose Prize.