GENOCIDE ON SETTLER FRONTIERS, when hunter-gatherers and commercial stock farmers clash

: Adhikari (M.) ed.

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356pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014


Contributions include:

“'We Are Determined to Exterminate Them': The genocidal impetus behind commercial stock farmer invasions of hunter-gatherer territories" and “The Bushman Is a Wild Animal to Be Shot at Sight”: Annihilation of the Cape Colony’s foraging societies by stock-farming settlers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries" by Mohamed Adhikari

“'Like a Wild Beast, He Can Be Got for the Catching': Child forced labour and the 'taming' of the San along the Cape’s North-Eastern Frontier, c. 1806–1830." by Jared McDonald

“'We Exterminated Them, and Dr. Philip Gave the Country': The Griqua People and the elimination of San from South Africa’s Transorangia region" by Edward Cavanagh

"Vogelfrei and Besitzlos, with No Concept of Property: Divergent settler responses to Bushmen and Damara in German South West Africa" by Robert Gordon

"Why Racial Paternalism and Not Genocide? The case of the Ghanzi Bushmen of Bechuanaland" by Mathias Guenther

"The Destruction of Hunter-Gatherer Societies on the Pastoralist Frontier: The Cape and Australia compared" by Nigel Penn.

Mohamed Adhikari is Associate Professor in the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Cape Town,