GOD'S BITS OF WOOD, translated by Francis Price

: Ousmane (S.)

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245pp., paperback, London, (1962) 1981


First published in 1960 in French as Les Bouts de Bois de Dieu.

Novel based on the 1947-48 strike by railway workers on the Dakar-Bamako line.

Senegalese writer and film director Sembène Ousmane (1923-2007) is the author of the novels Le Docker Noir (The Black Docker), O Pays, mon beau peuple! (Oh country, my beautiful people!), l'Harmattan (The Harmattan), Xala, Le Dernier de l’empire (The Last of the Empire); the novellas Le mandat, précédé de Vehi-Ciosane (The Money Order and White Genesis) and Niiwam et Taaw (Niiwam and Taaw) and the short story collection Voltaïque (Tribal Scars).