: Everatt (D.) ed.

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327pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019


"This important collection reinvigorates the current, hollowed-out concept of governance by insisting that power, and its accountability, is central to governance. It does so through the lens of the postcolony; the field of vision is that of the global south. This makes possible a perspective on governance which places democratic activism and the needs of the poor at its centre." Colin Bundy, retired First Principal of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford

"This is a thought-provoking and timely book. It is accessible without sacrificing rigour and a welcome reference for all of us working in this area of democracy and good governance who believe that democracy ought to have tangible impact on people's lives." Judith February, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Security Studies

Contributions include:
"South African Foreign Policy and Global Governance: conflict from above and below" by Patrick Bond
"Public Policymaking through Adversarial Network Governance in South Africa" by Susan Booysen
"Broken Corporate Governance: South Africa's municipal state-owned entities and agencies" by William Gumede
"Law and Governance: has the South African judiciary overstepped its oversight mandate?" by Chelete Monyane
"Low-hanging Fruit or Deep-seated Transformation? Quality of life and governance in Gauteng, South Africa" by David Everatt.

David Everatt is Head of the Wits School of Governance at the University of the Witwatersrand.