THE ELAND'S PEOPLE, new perspectives on the rock art of the Maloti-Drakensberg Bushmen, essays in memory of Patricia Vinnicombe

: Mitchell (P.) & Smith (B.) eds.

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214 pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2009


A companion volume to Patricia Vinnicombe's groundbreaking book on the rock art of the Maloti-Drakensberg Bushmen, "People of the Eland", published in 1976 and reprinted in 2009. In their essays leading scholars in the field explain how knowledge has changed since the publication of "People of the Eland", but how current research is still influenced by the book.

Essays include "Contextualising 'People of the Eland'" by Lynn Meskell,
"Originals and Copies: a phenomenological difference" by Nessa Leibhammer,
"Meaning Then, Meaning Now: changes in the interpretative process in San rock art studies" by David Pearce, Catherine Namono and Lara Mallen,
"Images in Time: advances in the dating of Maloti-Drakensberg rock art since the 1970s" by Aron Mazel,
"Gathering Together a History of the 'People of the Eland': towards an archaeology of Maloti-Drakensberg hunter-gatherers" by Peter Mitchell, and
"Rereading 'People of the Eland'" by David Whitley.

Peter Mitchell is Professor of African Archaeology, University of Oxford.
Benjamin Smith is the Director of the Rock Art Research Institute, University of the Witwatersrand.